XAI Summit 2020: Responsible AI - Considerations for Ethical and Accountable AI Deployment

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This conversation was part of Fiddler's 3rd annual Explainable AI Summit on October 21, 2020.

AI is increasingly being applied to business-critical use cases across industries - as AI goes from technology on the fringe to mainstream, the importance of deploying AI responsibly has reached a crescendo. As businesses, consumers, and regulators are calling for more transparency and accountability in AI solutions, our panelists will discuss how to provide more trustworthy, transparent, responsible AI at every stage of the AI lifecycle.

Arnobio Morelix, Research & Data Science Leader
Manasi Joshi, Director of Software Engineering, Google
Merve Hickok, AI Ethicist & Founder, AIethicist.org
Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, International Institute for Analytics
Lofred Madzou, Project Lead, Artificial Intelligence, World Economic Forum

Moderated by Anusha Sethuraman

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