You’re in good company. Data science and ML teams across industries build responsible AI solutions with Fiddler.

“Fiddler's explainability capability is a real game changer, giving us a much better understanding of our models. It was the most convincing argument to use Fiddler instead of its competitors.”
Richard Sieg
Lead Data Scientist,
“Fiddler has greatly reduced the energy barrier to gaining valuable insight on production data. Not only does this provide our team with peace of mind, but we’re equally excited to see how this ‘production-first’ mindset is already informing model improvements in our LTV use cases for more resilient predictions.”
Anthony Anderson
Head of Data Science, Conjura
“Using Fiddler to maintain and improve our ML performance in conjunction with AWS services for reliable scale, means we can flex and react at the speed of business."
Amit Attias
Co-founder and CTO, Bigabid