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Hired partners with Fiddler to increase transparency and mitigate bias in its tech talent marketplace.

Hired uses Fiddler  to Pioneer Responsible AI for Hiring

"At Hired, our mission is to match people with a job they love, and doing that at scale requires advanced technology like AI. Fiddler helps enhance our understanding of the AI algorithms at the heart of this candidate matching process by comparing these insights and explanations with our internally developed solutions to empower our data science and curation teams,”
Mehul Patel, CEO, Hired

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Rubrik uses Fiddler to Improve Lead Scoring Models

“We use Fiddler’s Explainable AI Platform to not only operationalize our AI models, but more importantly to explain these models. Explanations make these models more understandable across our technical and business teams. Fiddler’s Platform provides in-depth insights that our technical team uses to improve our model input selection and feature engineering process. It also provides human-readable and prescriptive insights to our sales and marketing teams enabling them to more intuitively score leads and prospects to ensure customer and business success. I’m excited about Fiddler’s technology helping us advance our analytics efforts at Rubrik.”

Shibin Nambiar, Staff Data Engineer, Rubrik

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