Fiddler for customer experience

Delight customers with exceptional omnichannel customer experiences

Industry Leaders’ Choice for AI Observability

Deliver seamless customer experiences through changing times

With consumer behavior constantly evolving, only companies that can accurately predict their customers’ needs can offer personalized products and services at the right time.

Accelerate AI time-to-value and scale

Respond to shifts in consumer behavior quickly

Build trusted AI solutions

Gain confidence in model predictions with increased transparency

Improve predictions with context for business alignment

Optimize model accuracy to boost business revenue

Companies trust Fiddler to improve customer experiences

Discover why your AI solutions are making recommendations based on your customers’ preferences, historical purchases, engagements, and external factors with AI Observability. Build trust by providing fair and meaningful information at the right time and place. 

Personalized recommendations

Understand why segments of customers are offered specific products and services, and which factors contribute to those recommendations.

Detect the slightest anomaly in your data that contributes to prediction bias or model performance degradation with Fiddler. Discover changes in model behavior to understand why certain products were recommended to a subset of customers.

Relevant searches

Improve the quality of search results by understanding how products, services, and information are ranked and why they are relevant to the customer.

Monitor your model’s performance using Fiddler’s out-of-the-box performance metrics, including binary classification, multi-class and ranking metrics, and understand how model drift is impacting your predictions. Learn more about model monitoring

Sentiment analysis

Analyze customer sentiment and ensure products and services are appropriately offered based on your customers’ feedback.

Visualize explanations at a local and global-level to understand particular segments to uncover and differentiate the meaning and emotions behind user sentiment.

Text analytics

Optimize customer engagement by uncovering pertinent information and recognize text patterns that impact your models.

Uncover how drift is impacting text classification in your NLP models. Fiddler enables you to monitor free form data to prevent performance degradation.

Conversational NLP

Boost customer satisfaction with streamlined support from chatbots and voice assistants. Enable your bots to instantaneously respond to customers with high precision.

Fiddler offers natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) monitoring capabilities that enable you to incorporate unstructured data in your models and ensure your bots’ responses are accurate and fair.

"With its clean API and the rich monitoring and analysis tools provided by the UI, Fiddler has greatly reduced the energy barrier to gaining valuable insight on production data. Not only does this provide our team with peace of mind, but we’re equally excited to see how this ‘production-first’ mindset is already informing model improvements in our LTV use cases for more resilient predictions.”
Anthony Anderson
Head of Data Science, Conjura