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With the partnership between MemSQL and Fiddler, we bring the power of MemSQL to Fiddler’s Explainable AI Platform and offer Fiddler's explainability tools to the many MemSQL customers who are already using, or moving to, operational AI. To this end, the two companies are offering new, efficient ways to connect MemSQL and Fiddler.

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In addition to helping with technical performance optimization, through membership in the Inception program we are connecting with institutions who share our common mission of advancing the safe, smart, and trustworthy use of artificial intelligence.

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Facebook AI

Fiddler and Captum, from Facebook AI, are collaborating to push the boundaries of Explainable AI. The goals of this partnership are to help the data science community to improve model understanding and its applications, as well as to promote the usage of Explainable AI in the ML workflow

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Being a member of the Intel AI Builders program, allows us to take advantage of further software optimization, when working with customers in their data centers or in the cloud.


The partnership between BLDS and Fiddler combines BLDS expertise in fairness with Fiddler’s pioneering work in explainability to extend fairness solutions to machine learning. BLDS ConsilienceML is built to help make fairer predictions quickly, and our partnership is paving the way to provide better, more fair, and more transparent outcomes in machine learning.

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