Build vs buy

Focus on Building ML Models, Not Maintaining in-house Systems

Building an in-house system to operationalize machine learning should be the last thing on your mind. Use your valuable time and resources to impact business decisions. 

Preserve your talent and resources for AI work

MLOps teams face complex operational challenges that require a complex solution. Building and maintaining these tools requires time, talent, and money — three things that are better used to advance your business.

Designed for enterprise scale with built-in security and support, Fiddler provides practical tools and expert guidance to maximize model performance while developing responsible AI practices.

Deliver monitoring, interactive explainability, and actionable insights

Let’s be honest: continuous model monitoring and explainable AI are both huge challenges to address. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the hassle of building your own capabilities?

With Fiddler AI Observability, you deploy a purpose-built platform that empowers a stable and secure MLOps architecture to be built at scale. Plus, you avoid the ongoing maintenance of solutions built on OSS components.

Unify model monitoring, explainable AI, performance analytics, and fairness capabilities in one system.

Deliver a regulation-friendly, enterprise-scale platform with SOC2 compliant security.

Provide Okta SSO integration for stress-free management of data and models.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Requiring AI experts to build and maintain model monitoring systems is a waste of talent and can result in attrition. With Fiddler, you gain a partner in creating responsible AI. Our platform empowers you to address unique MLOps challenges and focus on what matters: your business.

Fiddler delivers a user-friendly environment with a simple SQL interface and dashboards, enabling teams to move seamlessly between tasks across MLOps, Data Science, and analyst groups. 

Provides common language, centralized controls, and actionable insights to operationalize ML/AI.

Supports low-code analysis, collaboration, and human-readable explainable AI.

Delivers visibility into operational stability and enables immediate model improvement.

Global support when you need it

Tracking production model performance and issues is a frustrating manual process for data scientists and ML engineers. With a homegrown solution, the same people building and maintaining the models need to troubleshoot any monitoring or deployment issues.

To ensure all deployments are successful, Fiddler provides dedicated customer success representatives and 24x7 global support. 

Experience expert enterprise-grade support anywhere in the world at all times.

Receive unparalleled support for both cloud or on-premise deployments.

Secure white glove service from dedicated customer representatives.

The out-of-the-box solution for AI Observability