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Industry Leaders’ Choice for Model Performance Management

Standardize MLOps practices

Model Performance Management (MPM) is the foundation of model/MLOps, providing continuous visibility into your training and production ML, understanding why predictions are made, and enabling teams with actionable insights to refine and react to changes to improve your models. MPM is reliant not only on metrics but also on how well a model can be explained when something eventually goes wrong.

When ML models inevitably degrade in performance, MPM rights the ship.

Accelerate time-to-value and scale

Reduce costs with model monitoring

Build trusted AI solutions

De-risk with explainable AI and fairness

Improve predictions with context for business alignment

Increase revenue with analytics

The complete solution for the ML lifecycle

Fiddler MPM lifecycle

Your partner in building responsible AI

Out of the box

Interactive explainable AI with unparalleled breadth, depth, and flexibility. Regulation-friendly with consistent, on-demand results.


Enterprise scale, security, and support without the hassles of homegrown systems and OSS components.

Complete model lifecycle

Monitor, explain, analyze, and improve performance in training and production ML. Complete context visibility, and root cause analysis into model behaviors from training to production.

Building for the future

Grow into advanced XAI and analytics capabilities over time with Fiddler and build a framework for responsible AI practices.

3rd party evaluations

Expertise in assessing 3rd party AI tools and systems for fairness, predictability and performance.

Team alignment

MLOps, data science, analyst, and line-of-business groups seamlessly work together on actionable insights and tasks across the platform.

User-friendly environment

Low-code analysis, collaboration, and human readable explainability with a simple SQL interface and dashboards. 

White glove support 

24/7 global support and white glove customer service and data science experts who care deeply about your AI outcomes.