Build AI with trust, visibility, and insights.

Fiddler is a breakthrough AI engine with explainability at its heart. Whether you’re a data scientist, a product owner, or a business leader, Fiddler enables you to create successful AI solutions that are transparent, explainable, and understandable.

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Fiddler Labs recognized as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the Cool Vendors in Enterprise AI Governance and Ethical Response
True explainability in AI is understanding, analyzing, validating, and monitoring your AI solutions at scale, continuously.

Understand AI predictions

Explain the why and how behind AI predictions.

Share explanations and enable everyone to understand predictions.

Bring a human in the loop to audit your predictions and ensure they are spot-on.

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Lending prediction risk – Explanation chart
Loan amount chart imageRegion Feature Importance chart imageAge chart image

Analyze AI behavior

Learn how your AI solutions behave across your entire data set.

Zoom in to specific data regions to see how they impact your AI models.

Fiddle with inputs to gauge their impact on predictions.

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Validate AI compliance

See the impact of each feature to track and remove any inherent bias.

Ensure your AI solutions are compliant with industry regulations.

Generate ethical, fair, and responsible AI solutions with explainability inbuilt.

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Monitor AI performance

Continuously monitor your AI solutions to find and fix errors quickly.

Track outliers in predictions and data drift over time to ensure optimal performance.

Always be in the know with alerts on key metrics.

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Meihong Wang
Meihong Wang
Engineering Director, Facebook

I have been working on Machine Learning for over a decade and I can say what Fiddler team is building is truly unique and a really needed solution for organizations that need a Trusted AI Platform.

Shariq Rizvi
Shariq Rizvi
VP of Ads, Reddit

Today, most ML models, especially in Deep Learning, are black boxes for both its developers and especially its users. With Fiddler’s new technology, I can see how those models work and iterate on improving them.

Build trustworthy and explainable AI solutions with Fiddler.
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