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AI Observability is the foundation of predictive models, generative AI models, and AI applications. Improve models and applications with actionable insights and understand why predictions are made. AI Observability is reliant not only on metrics, but also on how well issues can be explained when something eventually goes wrong.

When predictive models, generative AI models, and AI applications inevitably degrade in performance, AI Observability rights the ship.

Fiddler data visualization interface showing a UMAP scatter plot with color-coded clusters labeled 'Good' and 'Bad' for analysis.

The Full Stack AI Observability Platform

A diagram of Fiddler's full stack AI Observability platform for generative AI and predictive models.
“As a data scientist, I don’t have to make compromises of having monitoring-only or explainability-only capabilities. Fiddler gives me both so I can confidently deliver ML solutions for mission-critical projects at scale.”
Richard Sieg
Lead Data Scientist,

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