Fiddler for Lifetime Value

Grow your customer lifetime value with accurate model predictions and improved model performance

Industry Leaders’ Choice for AI Observability

Respond to customer changes to extend the customer lifecycle

Gain your customers’ trust by quickly and accurately responding to their changing needs throughout their customer journey.

Accelerate AI time-to-value and scale

Meet customer needs by adapting to changes quickly

Build trusted AI solutions

Boost customer satisfaction with increased trust

Improve predictions with context for business alignment

Increase business profits with accurate predictions

Companies trust Fiddler to optimize their customer lifetime value

Extend the lifetime value of your customers with the Fiddler AI Observability platform. Detect model drift, perform root-cause analysis for shifting model behavior, and better predict customer needs to offer the right product at the right time.

Customer lifetime value

Increase customer loyalty to maximize business revenue.

Detect any drift caused by changes in consumer behavior across multiple dimensions at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Ensure your models perform accurately to drive customer demand.

Customer churn

Proactively re-engage with customers who are at risk of churning.

Compare and drill down on why segments of customers are more likely to churn than others. Gain deep, actionable insights on underlying features that contribute to model drift to ensure effective churn detection models.

Demand forecast

Optimize profitability by aligning your supply chain with customer demand.

Evaluate how changes in factors like consumer behavior, seasonality, and weather conditions can impact model performance. Apply ‘what if’ scenarios to assess which feature values improve predictability for demand fluctuations.

Price optimization

Build customer trust and loyalty with fair and transparent prices.

Uncover model bias that can compromise customer trust in your brand. Understand how multi-dimensional variables lead to pricing shifts. Check for model and data fairness to ensure prices are competitive, fair, and transparent.

"With its clean API and the rich monitoring and analysis tools provided by the UI, Fiddler has greatly reduced the energy barrier to gaining valuable insight on production data. Not only does this provide our team with peace of mind, but we’re equally excited to see how this ‘production-first’ mindset is already informing model improvements in our LTV use cases for more resilient predictions.”
Anthony Anderson
Head of Data Science, Conjura