Complete LLMOps Observability

Fiddler provides a complete workflow to validate, monitor, analyze, and improve prompts and LLMs.
Fiddler data visualization interface showing a UMAP scatter plot with color-coded clusters labeled 'Good' and 'Bad' for analysis.
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Fiddler is Your Insurance Policy

Fiddler Solutions for Robust, Correct, Safe, and Secure LLMOps

Companies across industries are driving business growth and optimizing productivity by harnessing the power of generative AI. They are launching chatbots and applications powered by LLMs to increase process automation, support customer service and engagement, enhance employee decision making and experience, and more. AI teams can use Fiddler Auditor to evaluate prompts and LLMs for robustness, correctness, and safety and the Fiddler AI Observability platform to monitor for hallucination (correctness), PII (privacy and security), and toxicity (safety) metrics, visually analyze trends in prompts and responses and drift, and gain insights from dashboards and custom metrics.

Fiddler offers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade AI Observability solution to help organizations build the foundation for an end-to-end LLMOps. 


Fiddler Auditor for LLM and Prompt Evaluation

Evaluating OpenAI with Fiddler Auditor. Prompt evaluation with robustness report.
LLM and Prompt Evaluation

Evaluate the robustness, correctness and safety

Assess LLMs to prevent prompt injection attacks 

Evaluate your LLM and NLP models with Fiddler Auditor

Fiddler AI Observability platform for continuous monitoring, analysis and reporting

Line chart showing data drift monitoring for OpenAI embeddings
LLM Metrics Monitoring

Get real-time alerts and context on LLM issues

Continuously monitor LLM metrics like toxicity, PII, and hallucinations

Learn how to monitor LLM performance with drift monitoring
Fiddler product showing a UMAP chart with color-coded clusters
Visualization and Reporting

Analyze trends in user feedback, safety, and drift via UMAP

Gain insights from dashboards and reports to improve LLMs

Explore how to build generative AI applications for production

A Continuous Feedback Loop for LLMOps

The Fiddler AI Observability platform is designed and built to to help customers address the concerns surrounding generative AI. Whether AI teams are launching AI applications using open source, in-house built LLMs or LLMs provided by OpenAI, Anthropic, or Cohere, Fiddler equips users across the organization with an end-to-end LLMOps experience, spanning from pre-production to production. With Fiddler, you can validate, monitor, analyze, and improve LLMs.

Watch Product Webinar to see how Fiddler helps improve LLMs with a continuous feedback loop.

End-to-end LLMOps experience, spanning from pre-production to production