XAI Summit 2020: Key Considerations on AI in Finance

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This conversation was part of Fiddler's 3rd annual Explainable AI Summit on October 21, 2020.

As a highly regulated industry, rolling out AI within financial services is risky: organizations not only have to navigate new technology, but the specific security and regulatory requirements that come with using AI on sensitive data. Our panelists will discuss the increasing use cases for AI within the financial services industry, with a lens on the unique regulatory and compliance considerations that must be considered, and the areas of opportunity as the field evolves.

Patrick Hall, Visiting Professor at GWU, Principal Scientist, bnh.ai and Advisor to H2O.ai
Jon Hill, Professor of Model Risk Management, NYU Tandon, School of Financial Risk Engineering
Michelle Allade, Head of Bank Model Risk Management, Alliance Data Card Services
Alexander Izydorczyk, Head of Data Science, Coatue Management
Pavan Wadhwa, Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Moderated by Krishna Gade, Founder and CEO, Fiddler

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