Webinar: Business Continuity with ML Monitoring & Actionable Insights

Date: June 10, 2020
11 am Pacific Time

How can AI enable business continuity in these challenging times? Explainable Monitoring is the best way to get fast resolution with actionable insights. With Explainable Monitoring, address AI issues faster, increase team productivity, and improve C-SAT scores.

Join us on this webinar to learn why Explainable Monitoring is critical to successful AI. Key focus areas:

  • Need for visibility and insights into the AI Blackbox to understand the why and how behind AI models.
  • 5 key operational challenges in AI and ML models - model decay, data drift, data integrity, outliers, and bias
  • Explainable ML Monitoring vs. Blackbox Monitoring to overcome these challenges.
  • Why continuous monitoring is critical to building fair, transparent, and less-risky models.

Join Fiddler's Product Manager, Rob Harrell, and Data Scientist, Aalok Shanbhag, as they discuss Explainable ML Monitoring and the advantages it provides.


Rob Harrell

Senior Product Manager @Fiddler Labs

Aalok Shanbag

Data Scientist @Fiddler Labs

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