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Webinar: Business Continuity with ML Monitoring & Actionable Insights

Join Fiddler's Product Manager, Rob Harrell, and Data Scientist, Aalok Shanbhag, as they discuss Explainable ML Monitoring and the advantages it provides.

AI Observability with Explainability

While monitoring by itself provides real-time issue visibility, it is often insufficient to identify the root cause of issues given the AI system’s complexity. Observability, a means to deduce internal state from its external outputs, is therefore critical to know the ‘why’ for a quick resolution. Explainable AI enables the deployment of high-risk AI solutions while AI Observability increases the success of these AI deployments.

Where is AI headed in 2020?

An infographic of our top AI predictions for 2020. It’s exciting to see where AI, and especially the sub-category of Explainable AI, is headed in 2020. Aspects like AI Governance, AI regulation, and Ethical AI will stay top of mind, and explainable AI is one of the best ways to ensure governance over AI, compliance with regulations, and the creation of fair and ethical AI.


Build Ethical AI using Explainable AI

Explainable AI is the most effective way to ensure artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are transparent, accountable, responsible, fair, and ethical. Explainability enables companies to address regulatory requirements on algorithmic transparency, oversight, and disclosure, and build responsible AI systems.


Opening the Black Box with Explainable AI | TechCrunch Robotics + AI 2020

Explainable AI in the Industry: Practical Challenges and Lessons Learned

Beyond the AI Hype panel with Tom Taulli, Forbes

TiECon 2019: Enterprise AI - Opportunities and Challenges

Fiddler’s CEO, Krishna Gade, at TiECon 2019

Luke Merrick - Explaining AI: Putting Theory into Practice

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