Re-Work Explainable AI Summit 2021: The Future of Explainable AI

What is the business impact of XAI, accountability, and transparency?
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AI is increasingly being applied to business-critical use cases across industries — as AI goes from technology on the fringe to mainstream, the importance of deploying AI responsibly has reached a crescendo. Explainability is the most effective way to ensure AI solutions are transparent, accountable, responsible, fair, and ethical across use cases and industries. In this panel discussion, our panel of industry and research experts will shed light on the state of Explainable AI today, and key considerations to ensure success moving forward.

Join the panel discussion on:

  • The latest in XAI research: updates from experts in the XAI research field on the state of Explainable AI
  • Industry trends and applications: updates from AI business leaders on applications for XAI in-industry and examples of how they approached XAI at their organizations
  • Where XAI is headed: discussion around what the future holds for XAI

Moderator: Mary Reagan, Data Scientist at Fiddler

Panelists: Merve Hickok, Founder at AI Ethicist; Sara Hooker, Artificial Intelligence Resident at Google Brain; Narine Kokhlikyan, Research Scientist at Facebook

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