Empowered AI Governance with Explainable Monitoring

Enable Complex Models. Improve Efficiency. Stay Compliant.

AI is set to drive the next stage of growth in banking. But AI models need to comply with regulations and guidelines. A lack of model transparency hinders compliance. So, what's needed? A solution to bring complete AI visibility, Explainable Monitoring. With comprehensive model validation and monitoring, increase revenue from new models and reduce costs on compliance.

Reduce Risk

Get complete understanding of model vulnerabilities to accurately and confidently assess risk

Quick Integration

Fiddler's out-of-the-box integrations easily plug into existing AI and data solutions accelerating time to market

Stay Compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance of AI models with a broadest suite of ML observability capabilities

Comprehensive Explainability for AI Validators

Understand every single prediction and spot vulnerabilities across a broad range of model frameworks.

Probe model behavior across data regions for robustness, anomalies and bias with the industry first model analytics solution.

Easily create documentation with one click compliance reports and collaborative dashboards.

A picture of Fiddler's Machine Learning Model Performance Management Platform. Our platform is powered by Explainable AI to provide the why and how behind AI model.s

Industry Leading Model Monitoring

Reduce risk in a deployed model with the widest coverage of operational insights and integrated troubleshooting.

Stay ahead of the SR 11-7 and OCC Bulletin 2011-12 guidelines on model monitoring.

Use a powerful alert management dashboard to effectively manage all your alerts.

An image of Fiddler's Machine Learning Model Performance Management Platform's Monitoring features. Our product helps users to maintain high model performance and reduce troubleshooting time by using Explainable AI. With XAI, users can debug ML issues such as data drift, data integrity, and outliers faster.