Fiddler and Amazon SageMaker: Better Together

Turbocharge ML Operations with end-to-end Explainability using Amazon SageMaker and Fiddler. You are empowered to not only train and deploy models with Amazon SageMaker, but seamlessly monitor, explain, and analyze models with Fiddler to build trustworthy, transparent, and reliable AI systems.

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Benefits of Fiddler’s Explainable Monitoring with Amazon SageMaker

Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Fiddler can be easily connected with your Amazon SageMaker models in a matter of minutes, no need to hustle with different stakeholders to get the best XAI tool up and running.

Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Rapid Troubleshooting

Rapid Troubleshooting

With Fiddler’s industry-leading XAI technology, you can quickly perform root-cause analytics when it happens, saving time and effort.

Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Automated XAI & Monitoring

Automated XAI & Monitoring

Fiddler alerts you when issues such as data drift, outliers, and performance blips happen so you can spend less time on monitoring and more time on solving problems.

Fiddler's Accelerated MLOps At A Glance

Fiddler's Accelerated MLOps at a glance diagram. Fiddler's ML Monitoring solutions can ingest from any data source (for example, databricks, azure, aws, snowflake) and plug into any model framework (like pytorch, tensorflow,, dataiku) to start monitoring and analyzing models. Once connected, the monitoring output and generated explanations from Fiddler's latest Explainable AI technology can be used in PowerBI, Tableau, Salesforce, and other custom applications via Fiddler API.

How Customers Use Fiddler Today

Customers use Fiddler to meet AI Governance needs

AI Governance

Fiddler enables teams to build complex models, improve efficiency and ensure model compliance. Reduce model risk with full visibility and understanding of model vulnerabilities.

Customers use Fiddler to detect fraud in real-time

Fraud Detection

Use explainability and model monitoring to save costs from fraudulent transactions, improve customer experience by reducing false positives, and increase team productivity by reducing debugging time.

Customer use Fiddler to learn more about customers and increase retention

Customer Retention

With Explainable Monitoring, reduce customer churn, drive revenue, and increase engagement. Know your customers better with actionable insights into their actions to solve issues fast and increase LTV.

Fiddler and Amazon SageMaker Architecture

Complex architecture diagram of how Fiddler connects with SageMaker at different point to monitor, analyze, and control machine learning models