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Welcome Pranil Dasika!

We’re stoked to introduce Pranil Dasika, the newest member of our team. Pranil joined us as a Principal Software Engineer in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and recently stepped up as our Head of Engineering.

Before joining Fiddler Labs, Pranil had played key engineering roles at early and growth-stage startups, both in consumer and enterprise space. Most recently, he'd worked in senior engineering and leadership roles for 7 years at AppDynamics, helping it grow into an industry leader in application performance monitoring software for large enterprises. Pranil obtained his B.Tech in CS from IIT Kharagpur. When he's not solving hard technical problems, he enjoys spending time with his family, goes out on hikes, and long road trips with his wife and two children.

Pranil believes in our mission to unlock the blackbox of AI and in his own words:

"As consumers are increasingly using digital applications, industries around the world are rapidly increasing ML adoption to better serve their customers, however, there is a large gap in the tooling to help monitor and reason about the decisions made by ML models. To establish customer trust, businesses are looking for ways to trace back model decisions and explain their predictions: oftentimes under strict time constraints. Fiddler Labs is encapsulating this deeply technical problem into a world-class enterprise software solution, which allows businesses to both accelerate and scale their ML adoption journeys in a safe and reliable way. I'm very excited to join this super humble, curious, and ambitious group of technologists, on their mission to help enterprises establish trust in AI."

- Pranil Dasika