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AI and MLOps Roundup: August 2023

GPT-4's secrets have been revealed! Whether fine-tuning LLMs or implementing real-time machine learning, AI is impacting all industries - even transforming medicine forever. Check out our roundup of the top AI and MLOps articles for August 2023!

Building Real-time Machine Learning Foundations at Lyft

Learn how Lyft enabled hundreds of ML developers to efficiently build and enhance models with streaming data, including key lessons learned along the way:

Illustration of the Analytics Event Abstraction which enabled development in a notebook of streaming applications as well as deployment to staging and production.

Large Language Models and the Future of Custom, Fine-tuned LLMs

Do you know what LLM instruction tuning is? Federico Bianchi explains why every data scientist should and how to create custom LLMs:

Fine-tuning LLMs

GPT-4's Secret Has Been Revealed

Is GPT-4 truly groundbreaking? Recent rumors suggest its architecture may not be as innovative as many believed:

Eight models are greater than one

AI Explained: Machine Learning for High Risk Applications

How are you protecting your organization from AI risks? Parul Pandey, Principal Data Scientist at, joined us to share her expert tips and best practices:

AI tools are designing entirely new proteins that could transform medicine

Advancements in generative AI have made it possible to quickly synthesize brand new proteins that have never before existed, transforming medicine forever:

Proteins designed by AI to resemble letters in the English alphabet

LLM Powered Autonomous Agents

In a LLM-powered autonomous agent system, the LLM functions as the agent’s brain, complemented by several key components. Lilian Weng provides a great tutorial covering different pieces of a potential LLM-powered agent:

Overview of a LLM-powered autonomous agent system

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