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Join us next week at TwiML Con

Fiddler will be at the very first TwiML conference next week on October 1 & 2! It’s a new conference hosted by the amazing folks at TwiML, and we can’t wait to explore and learn about the latest and greatest for AI in the enterprise.  

At Fiddler, our mission is to enable businesses to deliver trustworthy and responsible AI experiences by unlocking the AI black box. 

Where to find us

1) October 1, 11.20 -11.45am, Robertson 2

Session: Why and how to build Explainability into your ML workflow

Join our CEO & Founder, Krishna Gade to learn how Explainable AI is the best way for companies to deal with business risks associated with deploying AI - especially in regulation and compliance heavy industries. Krishna comes from a data and explainability background having led the team that built Explainable AI at Facebook.

2) October 1 & 2, Community Hall, Booth #6 (see our location on the map below)

Come chat with us about: 

  • Why it’s important to provide transparent, reliable and accountable AI experiences
  • Risks associated with lack of visibility into AI behavior
  • How to understand, manage, analyze & validate models using explainability 

Schedule a time to connect with us

If you’d like to set up a meeting beforehand, fill out this meeting form and we’ll be in touch to finalize dates & times. We’re excited to chat with you!

See you next week!