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Introducing Three New Leaders!

As we scale Fiddler as a company to advance our mission to build trust into AI, we’re super excited to introduce three key leaders who have joined us recently. 

Krishnaram Kenthapadi

Krishnaram Kenthapadi joins Fiddler as our Chief Scientist. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in fairness, explainability, privacy, and model understanding initiatives for AI Platforms with leadership experience at Amazon, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Krishnaram got his Ph.D. in CS from Stanford, and bachelor's in CS from IIT Madras. He currently holds over 65 patents. Krishnaram will be responsible for leading and coordinating Fiddler’s technology research efforts working closely with our Product, Engineering, and Data Science teams. Outside of work, Krishnaram enjoys hiking and spending time with his family. In his own words:

“Today, we are seeing unprecedented adoption of ML-based models and systems across a wide range of industries. To ensure that such adoption is beneficial to society as a whole, we need to understand how the models make their predictions, measure & mitigate any biases, check whether the model behavior aligns with our expectations, and also monitor the deployed models over time. I’m excited about Fiddler’s mission to make AI trustworthy for all enterprises, and how Fiddler can help address these challenges. I look forward to helping our customers build and deploy responsible AI solutions.”

Kirti Dewan

Kirti Dewan joins Fiddler as our VP of Marketing. Kirti will be leading the charge on charting out the buyer’s journey based on market trends and growing our awareness and acquisition engines. She is well-versed in product-led and sales-led GTM strategies and enjoys building and scaling companies. Kirti joins us from Bugsnag, an application stability management, and error monitoring startup, where she helped with quadruple growth in ARR. Prior to that, she ran her own consulting practice for a couple of years and worked with Twilio, DocuSign, Silver Spring Networks, as well as Inkling, and a variety of other startups. Her past background includes a mix of startups and enterprise companies such as AppDirect, Engine Yard, VMware, and Gartner. Kirti holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai. In her own words:

“I love the everyday challenges in startups and how you’re always in problem-solving mode. For most of my career, I’ve worked at companies that build tech for techies. While I’ve enjoyed all my experiences so far, I was looking for something more this time - a technology that would also have an impact on society at large. Fiddler aims to build trust in AI and solve the issues in model drift, explainability, and bias detection and I was excited by the tremendous difference it can make to the people of our planet. I was also impressed by the caliber of the team and how everyone is unified by this common goal. I am looking forward to an amazing journey together.” 

Nilesh Dalvi

Nilesh Dalvi joined us as our Chief Technology Officer recently to take our product and engineering to the next level. Nilesh has been a serial entrepreneur and technology leader with experience working at both startups and big companies like Airbnb, Trooly, Facebook, and Yahoo. Prior to Fiddler, he was the Founder/CTO at Layer9 and was working on Data Observability for the enterprise. Before that, he was at Airbnb where he oversaw Engineering for Airbnb’s Trust Infrastructure. Nilesh has a Ph.D. in Databases from the University of Washington and graduated from IIT Bombay. In his own words:

"In my previous roles at Airbnb and Trooly building Trust & Safety mechanisms, operationalizing Machine Learning has been one of the hardest challenges. Fraud detection is a highly dynamic field, with fraudsters constantly trying to break the ML models. Model monitoring and understanding drift becomes crucial for these applications. AI Explainability becomes crucial for addressing the needs of data scientists, product managers, and large fraud operational teams. Having experienced these pain points time and again, the mission of Fiddler instantly resonated with me. I am excited to be part of this mission and build the ML observability platform with a world-class Engineering team."