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Fiddler Is Growing, and Fast!

It’s been an exciting couple of years for us at Fiddler. The need for Explainable AI and ML Monitoring is fast becoming a critical need for many organizations. At Fiddler, we’re really excited to see this as we strongly believe that building trustworthy AI is the best way forward for the AI industry. Given the increased customer interest, we’re also scaling our team to meet these scaling demands. (And, yes, all these folks were hired remotely. Go, Zoom!). 

New additions to our go-to-market team 

Mike Walsh, VP, Sales

Mike is a New England native who migrated west 8 years ago while working at Acquia. After building out Acquia’s West Coast operations and growing his team, he joined Confluent. During his time at Confluent he built out the central and western regions and on boarded over 30 account executives to his team. During Confluent’s hyper growth period Mike played a critical role in enhancing the go-to-market and hands-on execution of their first large scale cloud customers. Following a successful period at Confluent, Mike was introduced to Krishna and Fiddler, and instantly connected with the mission to build trust with AI. Mike is also deeply passionate about customer success and building a great selling culture and was excited about the opportunity to start a sales team from the ground-up. Mike joined the team in August bringing immediate impact to Fiddler’s strategy and execution. We are super excited to have him lead our sales organization.  Outside of work, Mike spends time with his wife and two boys outdoors and is an avid downhill skier. 

Marie Beyene, Enterprise SDR 

Makda was born in Eritrea and moved to the United States when she was 15. She comes from a strong sales background and has helped build out the SDR function across multiple organizations. She began her career as an Account Executive at Yelp and has brought in enterprise customers both at Domino Data Labs and She is passionate about science, technology, and AI, but has always been skeptical of the ways some AI applications have been used. That is why she is excited to join Fiddler - to help create a world where technology is being used fairly and responsibly. Outside of work, Makda enjoys cooking for her family and friends and taking long runs around the Bay.

Jesse Wildman, SDR 

Jesse joins us on our sales team and we’re excited to have him! Jesse is a native Floridian turned nomad. He loves the art of sales, and will only take to market a product and company he believes is bettering the world. He began his career helping go-to-market teams drive customer value at Hanson and Linkedin. Jesse is excited to join the AI space and be a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  Jesse is an ally for mental health and social equality - he occasionally blogs and hopes to be more consistent in 2021. His life motto is scribbled on 3 sticky notes taped to a wall: “You are good enough. God has a plan. Trust the process.” He believes technology is a vehicle for change, and is on a mission to make this change positive. Jesse is a pretty simple fella’ - all he needs is family, friends, good food and music… anything else is a plus!

Our small but mighty operations team is also growing

Brittany Bradley, Senior Recruiter

Brittany is joining Fiddler with 7 years of experience in the recruiting industry, having spent the past 5 years being focused on building teams at Seed to Series C startups in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She previously co-founded a recruiting agency, Logik Recruiting, and successfully ran that for 4 years. Brittany decided to shift her focus to internal recruiting to be able to have more of an impact on the teams she works with and joined Fiddler as our first Recruiter. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Georgia. Brittany is deeply concerned with creating a fair and equitable world, where all people have equal access to opportunities and unbiased information.

"I decided to join Fiddler because I know that AI is the future, yet there is so much left to learn about it. Being part of a company that is explaining AI and helping humans to harness this information, makes me feel like I am part of something that is making the world a better place; something that is empowering humans, not threatening them. When we think about flaws in AI (the way it can confirm existing biases, or lead to unfairness in certain scenarios), being part of a company that is helping to tackle these problems makes me feel like my work is making a positive impact."

Our growing engineering & data science teams

Apurv Bhargava, Staff Software Engineer

In the first half of his career, Apurv was building monitoring and management systems for large enterprises. This is where he got to see how impactful it is for organizations to be able to have visibility into their engineering systems and to turn knobs to align these systems with their business objectives. Also outsourcing these cross-cutting capabilities for measuring performance, record and replay errors, and managing service level SLAs would help engineering focus on their core strengths and result in a better quality product overall.

The next phase of his career was spent at a large internet company where he built storage and serving systems that operated at scale. He learnt the importance of understanding users and how they would interact with products to correctly prioritize engineering efforts across things like robustness, performance and cost effectiveness. Apurv witnessed the rise of ML/AI and how that could not only help in making the product more personalized and useful for users but also help in running systems more efficiently. In his words:

I have always been excited about the capabilities of ML/AI systems and wanted to learn more about how they work and be able to explain it to my curious 11 year old. Fiddler AI seems like a great product company that is trying to do just that and at scale across different verticals. Looking forward to an exciting ride and doing my bit in making AI trustworthy and accessible for everyone.”

Lea Genuit, Data Scientist

Lea joins the Fiddler team as a Data Scientist. She has a background in data science from the University of San Francisco. In her words:

I am much aware of the power, but also the risks of machine learning models. Nowadays, we have developed powerful deep learning models that give state of the art results and this is amazing. But I do think everyone should be aware that those models are what we call a black box, and it's really hard to understand the model behavior and decisions. Some recent news stories about discrimination in AI algorithms demonstrate what can go wrong when there is a lack of transparency and visibility into AI solutions.

I've always told myself, I wanted to help and not harm, starting by building ethical products.

I'm very excited to join Fiddler as a Data Scientist, and help develop an explainable AI platform that enables businesses to understand AI solutions and build trust with their AI systems."

Amal Iyer, Staff Data Scientist

Prior to joining Fiddler, Amal worked at HP Labs, where he led the research around Self-Supervised Learning techniques for improving data-efficiency of ML models and on Deep Reinforcement Learning for robotics. Before that at Qualcomm AI research, he was part of the early team that developed the Snapdragon Neural Processing SDK for edge inference and developed Speech Recognition models for Voice UI applications. Amal obtained his M.S. from University of Florida and B.S. from University of Mumbai in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Amal believes in Fiddler’s mission of Explainable and Responsible AI and in his own words:

“In the past few years, owing to the confluence of algorithms, data and compute, ML adoption has grown dramatically. Model training and inference related tools have evolved to meet the growing needs. However, we have not seen equivalent improvements for model monitoring and explainability. We need better tools to monitor models in production and explain the decisions of complex models. This will enable ML teams to iterate more effectively and business stakeholders to derive insights. On top of that, users and regulators will be able to establish trust in ML products. I believe the team at Fiddler is well positioned to deliver this to ML teams and I’m excited to be joining them in this important mission.”

Andrew Pollack, Software Engineer

We’re excited to introduce Andrew Pollack, the newest member of our team. Andy joins us as a Software Engineer working on the backend and infrastructure of the Fiddler platform.

Andy is a recent graduate from Stanford University with a degree in CS and a minor in Biology. There, he worked on a variety of research projects, ranging from building virtual reality environments for climate education, to studying genetic variation in California poppy flowers. Andy saw firsthand how much rigor, planning, and iteration went into experimentation. His fascination with technology led him to dive deeper into different machine learning applications, including computer vision, natural language processing, and AI. Andy believes that proficient use of AI is built on a foundation of elemental understanding. In his words:

"Whenever tackling new problems, it's important that we always start from first principles. What better way than through the scientific method. Everyone wants to see their experiments succeed on the first try, but things are never that simple. Oftentimes, the most interesting results come from the process of evaluating, troubleshooting, and restructuring protocols. Even with success, then comes the hard part: understanding the data, analyzing results, and coming to the most accurate conclusion to your hypothesis.

Explainability is at the heart of the scientific method. It fuels the journey towards conclusions, and translates results into a language others can understand and replicate. The beauty of the scientific method comes from the ability to understand and explain every part of the system in order for a hypothesis to be validated. Fiddler brings explainability to AI, and with this comes first principles that build a foundation for proficiency. I'm excited to be part of Fiddler's mission, and I look forward to helping build the platform." 

Mary Reagan, Data Scientist

We’re excited to introduce Mary Reagan, a new Data Scientist on our team.

Mary completed her PhD in Mineral Physics from Stanford University. Her thesis focused on understanding the effects of high-pressures and temperatures on iron compound’s spin state, deformation, and isotope fractionation. She joins us from DataKind, where she partnered with the NGO, “Humans Against Trafficking”. There, she worked on developing a ML model that identifies teens who are vulnerable to being groomed for trafficking through social media.

Mary is passionate about creating a fairer and more equitable world. She knows that transparent, responsible, and ethical AI has a large role to play. In her words:

Today’s AI landscape is still largely a black-box. Data science teams often do not understand why and how their model is making its predictions. Identifying and debugging performance gaps are extremely difficult challenges. Moreover, even with the best intentions, biases can still be built into the models. Sadly, these biases can have terrible real-world consequences for the people affected by such models, as well as financial implications for the responsible companies.

I am extremely proud to be joining Fiddler, where we develop solutions to these problems confronting the field of AI today. Together, we are working toward a world that can be made more understandable, more ethical, and more secure through Explainable AI.”

Welcome aboard to all our latest Fiddlers - we are thrilled to have you here! And we're hiring too - if you're interested in joining us, apply here.