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AI and MLOps Roundup: October 2023

Generative AI is entering its second act, but is the world ready for the next decade of AI? Check out our roundup of the top AI and MLOps articles for October 2023!

Generative AI’s Act Two

Where is generative AI headed? After a year of hysteria, rapid innovation, and skepticism, Sequoia Capital predicts what Act II will look like and the emerging infrastructure stack making the future possible:

The emerging generative AI infrastructure stack

Prompt Injection Attacks in Various LLMs

LLMs have become mainstream, but how are providers protecting against prompt injection attacks? Murtuza N. Shergadwala, PhD explores this emerging area of concern:

Prompt injection results

The World Isn’t Ready for the Next Decade of AI

Mustafa Suleyman, cofounder of Google DeepMind and Inflection AI, shares his thoughts on how AI and other technologies will take over everything — and possibly threaten the very structure of the nation-state:

Mustafa Suleyman - Cofounder of Google DeepMind and Inflection AI

Why Llama 2 is a Game Changer

The release of Llama-2 could pose a substantial challenge to OpenAI. Armand Ruiz explains why it's such a game changer:

Llama 2 has arrived

Comply or Die: The Rise of the AI Governance Stack

Every company with an AI strategy needs a corresponding model governance and safety strategy. To address oncoming AI regulations, Battery Ventures sees an emerging compliance and governance stack:

The emerging AI compliance and governance stack

When can we trust model evaluations?

Model evaluations are tricky. Evan Hubinger, safety researcher at Anthropic, explains the four different categories of evaluations and what assumptions are needed for each:

Evaluating LLMs is hard

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