Machine Learning Monitoring  
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Take charge of your ML models with continuous monitoring and automated, built-in AI explainability. Use Fiddler's ML Monitoring + Explainable AI platform to monitor, observe, analyze, and explain all your production AI models.

Get automated real-time alerts when your model behaves unexpectedly; with insights that are actionable. Want to analyze the root cause? You got it. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time building.

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Any model. Any dataset. Any cloud.
All you need to do is plug-in. 


your model


Connect your data


Monitor and analyze

Fiddler in your ML lifecycle




Data drift, integrity, outlier, system

Slice & explain


+ Fiddler

Fiddler in your ML Lifecycle


Explain and measure model performance, including bias, with XAI

Track and debug data drifts, data integrity, and outliers in real-time

Perform in-depth analysis of real-time incidents

Explain and measure model performance, including bias, with XAI

Track and debug data drifts, data integrity, and outliers in real-time

Perform in-depth analysis of real-time incidents

AI Explainability at the Core

Get explanations for your models

Understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your models. With our built-in industry-leading Explainable AI technology, you can generate local and global explanations to your tabular and text inputs (image support coming soon).

Autopilot(streamline) Machine Learning Monitoring

Maintain high model performance at all times

Simplify model monitoring with a centralized management platform. Track and get real-time alerts on data drift, integrity, and outlier issues. Using XAI, you can query and replay past incidents to provide an explanation and debug quickly.


Slice, analyze, and explain, including bias

Find answers fast with comprehensive analytics tools. Validate your model’s fairness, minimize risk, and accelerate model deployment. Generate charts and reports to communicate with stakeholders.

Enterprise-grade Security

Easy integration with your tech stacks

Manage your ML models stress-free. Fiddler supports various hosting environments (on-prem or VPC), SSO integration with OKTA, and enterprise-grade security that scales with your needs.

StreamlineD Machine Learning Monitoring

Get Confidence in Model Performance

Simplify model monitoring with a centralized management platform

Get real-time alerts when model performance drops, even without access to ground truth

Pinpoint data drift, including contributing features, to know when you need to retrain your models

Be proactive. Catch and fix model inference violations right when they happen

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AI Explainability at the Core

Minimize Troubleshooting Time

Get actionable insights to solve business-impacting model issues

Understand the “why” and “'how” behind model outcomes to catch and fix errors fast

Query and replay past incidents with ‘All-purpose Explainable AI’ for enhanced debugging

Understand model behavior with local and global explanations for multi-modal, tabular, and text inputs

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Easy-to-use Analytics

Boost ROI and Reduce Model Risk

Validate model behavior and accelerate new revenue-generating model deployments for even the most complex models

Mitigate risk with access to past, present, and future model outcomes. Know the why for outcomes at any given point in time

Slice and compare model performance across not only point predictions, but regional and global data too

Share information with key stakeholders using a rich set of dashboards, charts, and reports

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Detect and Mitigate Bias

Build Responsible AI and Stay Compliant

Evaluate and detect potential bias issues within your training and live production datasets

Go beyond the basics. Use intersectional fairness metrics to find deep-rooted biases with model performance analysis across protected classes

Select multiple protected attributes at once to detect hidden intersectional bias

Access standard fairness metrics such as disparate impact, equal opportunity, and demographic parity right out of the box

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Keep Calm with Enterprise-Grade Security On

Manage your models and data stress-free with OKTA SSO integration and scalable enterprise-grade security

Collaborate securely with team and role-based access controls

Meet your IT and compliance requirements with flexible on-premise or cloud deployments

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Build trust into AI.

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