Know the why and the how behind your AI solutions

Explaining your AI outcomes is key to building great AI solutions. When you know why your models are doing something, you have the power to make them better while also sharing this knowledge to empower your entire organization.

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Explaining the unexplainable

Bring in data and models from any platform to explain them in Fiddler. We use the latest and greatest interpretability methods available (SHAP, Integrated Gradients), while adding Fiddler’s exclusive patent-pending flavor on top to make explanations fast and reliable.

Easily understand every single prediction made by your AI solution and spot discrepancies - whether in your training data, your model, or the input features.

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Democratize your findings

Easily create dashboards by pinning key charts and graphs.
Generate any type of report you need from compliance reports to marketing dashboards.
Share your reports in multiple formats - through the Fiddler platform, in an email, or through any other tool your team uses.
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Bring a human in the loop

AI solutions are never perfect - ensure human oversight to stay compliant with industry and government regulations.

Use Fiddler’s Audit feature to audit each prediction your AI solution makes - is it right or wrong? Use these findings to ensure your AI solutions continue to perform excellently by retraining your models.

Build trustworthy and explainable AI solutions with Fiddler.

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