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Know the ins and outs behind all aspects of your AI solutions: from the training data and model outcomes to key performance metrics and their impact across your entire AI stack.

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Analyze feature relationships

For every prediction your AI model makes, know exactly which input features contributed, and more importantly, why.

Easily visualize this data with comprehensive charts and graphs.

Zoom in to the details

Compare distributions across training data, test data and production data.
Slice the data into groups and explain performance discrepancies across groups.
Analyze your AI predictions in relation to the entire data set or just a specific region to find anomalies and drifting data.
Fiddler Explainable AI

Fiddle with ‘What-if’ scenarios

One of Fiddler’s core values is the ability for users (whether a data scientist, a business analyst, or a risk, trust, or safety officer) to understand and explain what-if scenarios.

Users can fiddle around with the input feature set to see the potential impact to the outcomes. Run counterfactual experiments to obtain ‘what-if’ scenarios to make better predictions for multiple use cases from fraud prevention and credit lending to churn prediction and sales uptick.

Build trustworthy and explainable AI solutions with Fiddler.

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