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Fiddler Voices: Meet Our Data Scientist, Murtuza

Building trust into AI takes a talented, driven team across multiple disciplines. Meet Murtuza, a data scientist at Fiddler focused on intersectional fairness in ML models and finding the best chicken biryani in the Bay Area.

What do you do at Fiddler AI?

I have the honor of being a part of the Data Science team within the Engineering team at Fiddler AI. My background is in human-centered design and modeling human behavior using Bayesian approaches. This puts me in a unique position to create DS examples and demonstrations on the foundations of explainable AI, interpretability, and human-centered design. I believe interdisciplinarity is extremely important for the future of MLOps which can only be successful if you have the trifecta of domain-specific knowledge, data science knowledge, and a sociotechnical view of the system where humans are integral. 

What’s your favorite project so far?

Currently, I am focusing on intersectional fairness in AI, and we as a team are creating innovative tools that allow one to investigate model fairness. I have created an example that highlights how a model may appear to be fair if you analyze it on the basis of one attribute at a time, such as gender or race. However, it appears unfair when you consider multiple attributes, which highlights the need for intersectional analysis. Check out my blog post on detecting intersectional unfairness to learn more about my work!

What's something about Fiddler that you love and something that can be improved?

I love our culture! I love how all the way from leadership to individual contributors people are kind, helpful, passionate, and excited to further our mission. I love how Fiddler makes us feel valued and our voices are heard. 

I believe a lot of our organization-specific knowledge resides on Slack in a distributed way. If we can somehow streamline that knowledge in a continuous manner that would be great. It’s a hard task 😅 I would love to see a visual page where each team appears as a widget, and we can click on it to know any team wide issues that relate to the services they manage, their objectives for the quarter, links to documentation specific to the team, etc. 

How do you spend your Recharge Days?

I love playing board games, exploring different cuisines in the Bay Area, traveling, hiking, and working out! 

If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Caesar salad…just kidding…it would be chicken biryani with raita. 


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