The New Fiddler for Unstructured Models and Advanced XAI

August 16, 2022
10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
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We are thrilled to announce several major upgrades to the Fiddler MPM platform! 

Watch this demo-driven webinar to learn how to:

  • Monitor model performance for unstructured data, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV)
  • Address class imbalance by detecting rare and nuanced model drifts
  • Launch advanced AI initiatives at giga-level scalability
  • Use our new UI for a more powerful and intuitive user experience
Featured Speakers
Sree Kamireddy
Director of Product Management
Fiddler AI
Sree leads Product and Design teams at Fiddler. Sree brings a wealth of experience in scaling machine learning infrastructure and applying AI to tackle complex business challenges across a range of domains including Search, Ads, IoT, and Content Management.
Sabina Cartacio‍
Staff Product Manager
Fiddler AI
Sabina Cartacio is a technical Senior Product Manager focused on delivering a world class AI explainability and monitoring platform with Fiddler AI. She has experience delivering machine learning experiences for enterprise products at scale.
Josh Rubin
Director of Data Science
Fiddler AI
Josh has been a Fiddler for three years and currently manages its Data Science team. During this time he developed a modular framework to extend explainability to complex model form-factors, such as those with multi-modal inputs. He previously applied deep learning to instrument calibration and signal processing problems in the biotech tools space after outgrowing a career as an experimental nuclear physicist.