Fiddler Joins the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program

SAN FRANCISCO – November 30, 2022 — Today, Fiddler announced it has joined the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program. This designation helps customers discover partner software solutions that are validated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Solutions Architects to integrate with Amazon SageMaker. 

Joining the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program differentiates Fiddler as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product that works with Amazon SageMaker and is generally available for and fully supports AWS customers. The Amazon SageMaker Ready program helps customers quickly and easily find AWS Partners that can help accelerate their machine learning (ML) adoption by providing out-of-the-box abstractions for most common challenges in ML that build on top of the foundational capabilities Amazon SageMaker provides.  

Amazon SageMaker offers a robust set of capabilities and AWS Partners help extend its value by integrating these capabilities with their solutions. By providing customers with a catalog of solutions that lift the complexities of ML, the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program will broaden the user base and increase customer adoption. Amazon SageMaker Ready Program members offer AWS customers Amazon SageMaker-supported products that offer Amazon SageMaker both in AWS Partner solutions they already know, or offer products that simplify each step of the ML model building. These applications are validated by AWS Partner Solutions Architects to ensure customers have a consistent experience using the software.

Customers can review the Amazon SageMaker Ready Partner product catalog to confirm their preferred vendor solutions are already integrated with Amazon SageMaker. Customers can also discover, browse by category or ML model deployment challenges, and select partner software solutions for their specific ML development needs.

“Fiddler was born out of a desire to help enterprises achieve the best, most responsible AI practices throughout the organization, and to provide them with a reliable framework to grow technologically,” said Krishna Gade, co-founder and CEO of Fiddler. “Becoming an Amazon SageMaker Ready Partner allows us to reach even more organizations who are looking to build trust into AI via deep explainability, advanced monitoring, and rich analytics.”

To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Service Ready Program to help customers identify solutions that support AWS services and spend less time evaluating new tools, and more time scaling their use of solutions that work on AWS. 

As AI-enabled decision-making continues to rapidly expand across nearly every industry, there is a growing demand for the tools, processes, and expertise to support transparent ML models. As a pioneer and market leader in Model Performance Management (MPM), Fiddler provides an end-to-end solution to monitor, explain, analyze, and improve models and provides complete context and visibility into the root cause of model behaviors from training to production. The company recently enhanced its platform to empower ML and data science professionals to gain a deeper understanding of unstructured model behavior and performance. The new capabilities also introduced improved scalability, discoverability of rare and nuanced model drifts, and overall ease of use. 

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About Fiddler

Fiddler is a pioneer in Model Performance Management for responsible AI. The Fiddler platform’s unified environment provides a common language, centralized controls, and actionable insights to operationalize ML/AI with trust. Model monitoring, explainable AI, analytics, and fairness capabilities address the unique challenges of building in-house stable and secure MLOps systems at scale. 

Unlike observability solutions, Fiddler integrates deep XAI and analytics to help you grow into advanced capabilities over time and build a framework for responsible AI practices. Fortune 500 organizations use Fiddler across training and production models to accelerate AI time-to-value and scale, build trusted AI solutions, and increase revenue.

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Rachel Levy
V2 Communications for Fiddler