Our Commitment

At Fiddler, we believe in the promise of AI to benefit and elevate our way of life in every way. We are acutely aware of the challenges when AI is used incorrectly and without proper guardrails. Fiddler was founded to bring trust and transparency to AI everywhere. We are deeply committed to this mission and pledge to be good stewards in enabling AI to be used ethically and responsibly. Our products will always offer our customers and partners the best way to build trustworthy AI free of bias. To do that, we will honor these principles:

Trustworthy & Transparent

We will enable teams to get an understanding of all aspects of ethical AI behavior using transparent techniques that inspire trust in the insights we create.

Responsible & Inclusive

We will aspire to provide comprehensive tools that shed light on bias to develop responsible AI that is fair and inclusive in the hope of building a better world with less discrimination.

Empowering & Accountable

We will strive for a future of human-AI cooperation by empowering teams with guardrails to always govern and regulate AI.

Build trust into AI.

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