Meet Fiddler AI at AWS re:Invent Booth #1863

Are you interested in building trust into AI with Explainable AI and ML Observability?

Come meet the Fiddler team and consult how to set up Model Performance Management (MPM) to gain complete visibility and control of your AI solutions on AWS. While there, you can also enter a raffle to win $250 Airbnb gift card!

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Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Seamless Integration

Seamless AWS Integration

Easily connect with Amazon SageMaker or your own ML tooling and pipeline on AWS in a matter of minutes to get a unified cloud-native MPM experience.

Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Automated XAI & Monitoring

Automated Monitoring & Observability

Proactively manage model performance with alerting for data drift, biases, and performance drops, enabling you to drive new AI-powered customer experiences.

Icon for Fiddler + SageMaker Rapid Troubleshooting

Rapid Troubleshooting with XAI

With industry-leading XAI technology, quickly perform root-cause analysis and improve models, saving significant time and operational costs.

How are customers using Fiddler today?

Bigabid provides state-of-the-art scientific advertising using AI at scale. Our rich data pipelines support thousands of machine learning models that we regularly optimize. Using Fiddler to maintain and improve our ML performance in conjunction with AWS services for reliable scale, means we can flex and react at the speed of business.

Amit Attias, Co-Founder and CTO at Bigabid
Customers use Fiddler to detect fraud in real-time

Fraud Detection

Use proactive model monitoring and explainability to mitigate fraud transaction risks, improve customer experience by reducing false positives, and boost operational efficiencies and bottom line.

Customer use Fiddler to learn more about customers and increase retention

Recommendation Engine

With explainable monitoring and support for deep learning NLP models, gain insights into customer sentiment and actions, and surface optimal AI experiences to increase engagement and topline revenue.

Customers use Fiddler to meet AI Governance needs

AI Governance

Build complex models, improve efficiency and ensure model compliance. Mitigate model risk with full visibility and understanding of model vulnerabilities.