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Where is AI Headed in 2020?

As we reflect on the closing year, many aspects of the 2019 AI journey stand out.  Of note - the explainable AI rocket ship has taken off way faster than we anticipated. This is great news for anyone who cares about building responsible and trustworthy AI.

The team at Fiddler is prepping for much more AI acceleration in the coming year. As we move into 2020, here's an infographic of our top AI predictions. It's exciting to see where AI, and especially the sub-category of Explainable AI, is headed in 2020. Aspects like AI Governance, AI regulation, and Ethical AI will stay top of mind, and explainable AI is one of the best ways to ensure governance over AI, compliance with regulations, and the creation of fair and ethical AI. Take a read through the infographic and share your top AI predictions.

Thanks for being a part of the Fiddler journey in 2019. We look forward to sharing an even more exciting 2020 with you.

Happy holidays from everyone at Fiddler!