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We Stand With Ukraine

As the war started to unfold in Ukraine, we were flabbergasted by the 20th-century war tactics on display. Ukraine is a democratic country and has operated as a sovereign state. It is unfortunate to see their people go through this experience where their own homes are attacked. If there is anything we, as human beings, need to learn from the pandemic, it is that we need to learn to live with empathy and consciousness. 

It is rather unfortunate that the world is going into another war as the pandemic ends. Our kudos to the Ukrainian leadership and people for doing whatever they can to protect their homeland and democratic values. We are inspired by the leadership shown by the Ukrainian President, Zelensky and we salute his country’s indomitable spirit. 

At Fiddler, one of our core values is around Responsibilitywe want to use our valuable time  on this planet to help make the world a better place. We want to express our solidarity and support to Ukraine at this moment of crisis. We’re donating both as a company and as founders to UNICEF to help children caught in the crossfire of the Ukraine crisis. Our prayers are with the Ukrainian people and we sincerely hope that sense will prevail and the war will come to an end soon.

Thank you,
Krishna & Amit