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Mozilla Ventures Invests in Fiddler, Fueling Better AI Trust

We’re excited to announce an investment by Mozilla Ventures, a first-of-its-kind impact venture fund to invest in startups that push the internet — and the tech industry — in a better direction.

We started Fiddler because there’s a need not just for more AI Observability in the industry, but also a framework that prioritizes societal good. Mozilla’s investment helps fuel our mission to make trustworthy, transparent, and understandable AI the status quo.

Mohamed Nanabhay, Managing Partner, and the entire Mozilla Ventures team shares our passion for responsible AI

“Fiddler and Mozilla Ventures have a shared vision of AI — one that prioritizes fairness and explainability. In Fiddler’s role supporting a wide-range of AI companies, they can have an outsized influence on the ecosystem.”

Mozilla’s vision for trustworthy AI aligns with our mission, and our partnership with Mozilla Ventures will help build transparency and trust at a pivotal moment for AI.