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Fiddler Voices: Meet Our ML Engineer, Kening

Building trust into AI takes a talented, driven team across multiple disciplines. Meet Kening, a machine learning engineer at Fiddler who loves dissecting frameworks and relaxing in a sauna on her Recharge days.

What do you do at Fiddler AI?

I’m a machine learning engineer at Fiddler. My background is a mix of statistics and engineering, so my job is all about integrating data science design into scalable engineering products, i.e. we run back end processes after users send data and before visualization or statistics show up on the screen. I’m constantly focused on how to scale and speed up our system without losing the precise analysis our users need. 

What’s your favorite project so far?

My favorite project has been updating our label-update API. I love dissecting existing frameworks and redesigning related modules to support customer requests. With our upcoming product release, we’re shifting to a new database schema, and I’m excited to continue work on simplifying the implementation on our new framework.

What's something about Fiddler that you love and something that can be improved?

The biggest thing I love about Fiddler is that we encourage a culture where everyone shares his or her thoughts directly, helping foster transparency around each decision or growth area. Those voices from all over the team give me a comprehensive view of the industry and market. I can tell people here are driven by their passion for our product and the belief that this is the right thing to do!

But I feel it takes a lot of effort to fully understand what people from other teams are doing, especially with remote work. A central doc or other more efficient means of communication would help improve onboarding new hires and give context to anyone seeking a broader perspective of our platform.

How do you spend your Recharge Days?

Sketching on my iPad, watching movies/anime/drama at home, traveling, photography, yoga and sauna.

If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Tough question. I would say Omurice.

My favorite omurice in San Diego ;)


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