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Generative AI Meets Responsible AI Virtual Summit

Love letters written by large language models. Songs composed from text prompts. Deepfakes and avatars impersonating real people. AI is racing forward with mind-boggling implications and unforeseen consequences.

From GPT-3 to Stable Diffusion, Generative AI is pioneering the new era of AI, enabling exciting new possibilities for creativity and exploration while pushing the boundaries of what's possible. But as it evolves, Responsible AI practices are needed to ensure that models are unbiased, trustworthy, and work as intended even after deployment.

That’s why we’ve decided to host the very first Generative AI Meets Responsible AI summit! On March 23rd, industry practitioners and data science, machine learning, and policy leaders will gather virtually to examine the intersection of generative AI and responsible AI.

We’ll dig into how Casey Corvino is using generative AI to hyper-personalize sales, and how Saad Ansari creates content in 29 languages at Jasper. IBM’s Payel Das will discuss the future of generative AI in critical applications, such as drug discovery, and we will hear how TikTok is balancing ethics with innovation from their Responsible Innovation Manager Toni Morgan

Miriam Vogel and Ricardo Baeza-Yates will bring their deep understanding of responsible AI practices to help shape our thinking around how we can make generative AI safer and more robust.

Ali Arsanjani, the Director of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google Cloud, will look at the promises and compromises in adopting the generative AI lifecycle in an enterprise setting.  

Some of Fiddler’s own will round out the speaker list including our CEO and founder, Krishna Gade and along with a keynote from George Mathew of Insight Partners. 

Join me and register for FREE! Let's shape the future of AI.