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Fiddler is Now Available for AWS GovCloud

Over the past decade, the US government has accelerated the adoption of AI across defense and civil agencies. The Department of Defense (DoD), for example, has established teams like the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and eventually the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) to lead AI efforts to advance America’s national security. 

As AI researchers and practitioners in these agencies make progress to deliver AI-enabled solutions at scale, they are also increasingly turning their focus on delivering these solutions responsibly. Major federal agencies are leading the way and have begun to put forth their guidelines for Responsible AI — from the Pentagon's Responsible AI Strategy and Implementation Pathway to the guidelines by the Defense Innovation Unit. 

We have been working closely with select government partners to deploy Fiddler and are excited to announce that our platform is now available for deployment on AWS GovCloud, one of the largest secure cloud solutions for federal agencies and their partners. Fiddler will be initially available for select Impact Levels (IL) and can be deployed across any federal agency using AWS GovCloud. 

We are committed to providing federal agencies with the best in class Model Performance Management platform to support their long term Responsible AI strategies. Fiddler enables stakeholders across teams with rich and powerful model insights and deeper understanding of model outcomes, connecting model metrics to long-term agency goals and KPIs. 

Read our tech brief to learn how explainable AI works in Fiddler.