Accelerate Financial AI Adoption with Fiddler

Spend your resources on unlocking new business opportunities, not on opening the AI black box for auditors and regulators. Fiddler’s Model Performance Management Platform plugs into your end-to-end machine learning workflow to help you build, validate, and maintain trustworthy AI applications. Join your peers in accelerating AI adoption with Fiddler.

Common challenges we see from our customers

As every company races to incorporate AI decision-making into business and product workflows, those in the financial sector face an uphill battle. High-risk AI applications that impact customers’ livelihoods call for rigorous validation to meet strict regulations. All too often, this slows down and even prevents financial companies from operationalizing AI.


Lack of transparency in model validation blocks new revenue opportunities

With Fiddler, you can empower your model risk management team to validate each machine learning model prior to making it live and generate explanations for business stakeholders and regulators quickly. Our All-purpose Explainable AI ingests multiple types of inputs and provides explanations automatically, out-of-the-box.


Poor visibility into model performance leads to breaks and outages

Your data science team should focus on developing new use cases, not babysitting models in production. Fiddler continuously tracks each model’s performance and instantly alerts you when a skew or data inference violation occurs. It also lets you reproduce and deeply analyze any incident, reducing the cost of debugging your model.


Evaluating potential bias in models is complex—and mistakes are costly

No company wants to face bias incidents like gender or racial discrimination. Fiddler’s Bias Detector provides fast and easy methods for data scientists and model validators to detect and mitigate issues with fairness, including hidden intersectional bias.


Regulations and guidelines are constantly changing

The rapid expansion of AI has been followed almost as quickly by new regulations, including a recent proposal from the EU regarding high-risk applications. Fiddler works closely with industry leaders and organizations like FinRegLab to help formulate the best practices regarding Financial AI adoption—so you can stay ahead of the game.

Use Cases

Risk Mitigation

Understand decisions and allocate resources to minimize financial risk and maximize return.

Fraud Detection

Protect assets by monitoring for abnormal activities and making decisions faster with clear explanations.

Anti-Money Laundering

Provide safer transactions by utilizing real-time monitoring that complies with financial regulations.

Investment Decision-Making

Boost ROI through comprehensive analysis on various investment portfolios and know when to make the right decisions.

Customer Retention

Increase customer happiness and reduce churn by actively analyzing user behaviors.

Credit Scoring

Accelerate and expand customer acquisition by automating the underwriting process with transparent explanations.