Our mission is to build trust into AI with Responsible AI.

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Trust is a fundamental part of humanity, but with the rise of the internet over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen a plethora of trust issues like spam, fraudulent transactions, hate speech, and online abuse. Today, with AI, computers take on more tasks, usually done by humans, with an increase in efficiency and productivity. However, there is a lack of trust in AI outcomes because very often AI models are opaque.

We started Fiddler because we believe there is a need for a new kind of Explainable AI Platform that enables organizations to get ahead of these issues by building trustworthy, transparent, and understandable AI solutions.

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We want to use our limited time on this planet to directly or indirectly help make the world a better place.


We believe in making life simple for everyone around us through our products, processes, and relationships.


We enable world-class companies to take risks, and continue to grow and become stronger when faced with uncertainty.

Our team

Our team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and business specialists bring a wide set of skills and experiences building AI and ML platforms at companies like Facebook, Google, Lyft, Twitter, Microsoft, and other well-known technology companies. Our team has built deep expertise with decades of experience in machine learning, databases, and distributed systems. We're building cutting-edge technology to enable enterprises to easily and effectively adopt AI in their businesses, remove the ambiguity about the ROI from AI solutions, and foster a culture of trust in AI.


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Build trust into AI.

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